Wanna be Supermom

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My rant about stupid CPS

Ok, so I just feel like ranting today about CPS. I am not even sure why they are called "child protective services" they sure dont seem to be about protecting children, they should be called BPPS, (Bad Parent Protective Services) because thats what they do, they protect the bad parents. That is why children are in and out of foster homes.
In our situation we had a great CPS worker that was trying to protect our baby girl, she had it all set to go for termination. Nobody in this babys family was doing anything at all to get her or showing much interest even. Now we have a new worker and she wants an extention so "mom" can get her life together (like she hasnt had time to do this already), even the judge thought this was a long shot. We have had our baby for almost a year! Oh and the other thing they would like her to be placed with "creepy guy" he would be a better placement. Not to mention that he is facing pending criminal charges, he has never bothered to come around to see her until she was 9 months old, he is unemployed, the list could literally go on and on!!!! Thank God that my baby does have people fighting for her. But its sure not CPS. Now, why are they called CPS again........?