Wanna be Supermom

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ok, soooo I really dont want to be whiny or anything, but I am getting really tired of things right now. We were investigated by CPS for the 4th time today. Even though these allegations are all stupid and false, it is extremely exhausting emotionally and physically. I dont know what to think anymore, this family is a huge pain in the ass. I am just angry and tired right now. I dont understand why I am being put through all of this. I feel like we are being harassed and the "family" is just getting what they want. They are still getting visits, which I think is not right. During every visit they pick and complain about everything. These people are driving me nuts. They dont show up for months at a time to visit, but when they do, I am the bad person. Ugh.......... I feel like pulling my hair out. I just really hope this judge sees through all of their crap, and that we have been there this whole time taking care of OUR baby girl. I know that God will take care of this, I just dont know how I am going to get through this for the next 2 months.