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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust

I just got finished watching the movie Like Dandelion Dust. I have to say that it really took my breath away. It brought up so much about what we went through with Morgan. I just had to sit and write about it and get it out. I remember the day that he left, I remember being in his room and helping him get ready to go visit his dad. He was 4 years old, and he asked me why he had to go. I told him that his dad loved him and wanted to visit and he said "why cant he come see me here"? He did not want to go. I thought this was just another weekend visit, but the weekend turned into a week then 2 weeks, then my worst nightmare. He wasnt sending my baby home. We tried so hard and fought in court and the judge (who I still have very hard feelings for) didnt even grant us visitation. This forever changed our lives, nearly killed my husband Dennis. Just like in that movie, I believe given the chance we would have done anything and everything to protect him, but we had no warning this was going to happen. It has been 4 years since this happend and now looking back I see how God did bless us after this with our daughter Maddie. See, we would have never gotten back into fostering or adoption if that had not happend with Morgan. The thing that still nags at me is, what price is Morgan paying? He is a part of our lives now, which we are so thankful for, but we see the hurt sometimes and the ramifications for what his father did. It is very hard to give your heart to a child that "legally" is not yours. His father always has the final say and he is not always a nice man. I pray everynight that God will send him back to us for good. I think about how sweet he was when he was little and he still is, but there is sadness sometimes that breaks my heart. I just wanted to write about this tonight after watching that movie and get some of it off my chest. Maybe I should teach Morgan to wish on the dandelion dust..........

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